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Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, and Brazil has a prominent position in the production and export of this meat, due to the high competitiveness and quality of its production. The prejudice regarding its consumption has been demystified for consumers and today pork is known and consumed for its quality, flavor and proven benefits to human health. Mig-PLUS, by family tradition, has kept its activities at the forefront of the swine nutrition market. The company offers trained and qualified technical staff to satisfy the most diverse demands of its clients, in addition to a complete line of premixes, core feeds, concentrates and pig feed, for all the different stages of breeding, from birth to termination. The products include the latest in animal nutrition and fully meet the nutritional needs of the animals, helping with the health, food safety and excellent performance of the pigs. Provide the best for your livestock, provide Mig-PLUS!