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Fish / Aquaculture - Aquacultura

Aquaculture is the fastest growing activity in animal production, both in Brazil and worldwide. The satisfying of the demand, previously supplied by fishing, is increasingly dependent on professional aquaculture, due to the restrictions imposed on commercial fishing. With this in mind, Mig-PLUS has developed a complete line for the nutrition of omnivorous fish, from the larval phase to the harvest and slaughter which includes extruded feeds of adequate sizes for each breeding phase. Based on modern nutritional concepts, the Aqua Line from Mig-PLUS recommends the reduction of protein and phosphorus in diets, reducing the excretion of phosphates and nitrogen compounds in the tanks and maintaining good water quality. In addition, special additives, to improve fish immunity, guarantee the health and performance of the fish. Provide the best for your livestock, provide Mig-PLUS!

Fish / Aquaculture