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Mig-Plus is a Brazilian company which operates in agribusiness.

Considering that an adequate diet is a fundamental factor in the composition and improvement of zootechnical indexes, Mig-Plus keeps itself up to dateand in constant development to always offer the best solutions in animal nutrition. The quality of its products adds value to the production of its clients.

Dedicated to the manufacture of premixes, core feeds, supplements and complete feeds for all species and stages of development, and animal production, the company uses the most modern technology in developing its product line.

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Founded in 1991, the company has evolved a great deal and has expanded its activities in the city of Casca, in Rio Grande do Sul state, where today it has two manufacturing units, operating in about fifteen-thousand square meters of develop area.

The entire line of Mig-Plus products is developed within a strict quality standard. This guarantees nutritional solutions which meet the specific needs in the production processesfor beef and dairy cattle, chickens and layer birds, pigs, horses, sheep and other animal species.

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Founded in 1991, Mig-Plus Agribusiness is a company dedicated to the manufacture of products for animal nutrition. The company uses the most modern technology to prepare premixes, mineralsupplements, vitaminsupplements, and protein supplements which will be added to the feed intended for beef and dairy cattle, poultry, pigs, horses and other animal species. The Mig-Plus product line is also made up of complete diets for all species and stages of development, and animal production.

The search for the development of healthyanimal nutrition has led the company to a high level of customization of nutritional supplements. Its formulations are prepared considering the specific needs of its clients, including being able to medicate the feeds and core feeds, with the prescription of a veterinarian. This authorization for the use of therapeutic drugs is audited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA - Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento), through Normative Ruling No. 65.

Another strong point of the company is assistance, technical guidance and service for all its clients. In this way, Mig-PLUS stays close by, contributing to better business performance.

Mig-PLUS sells its products throughout Brazil, through distributors and resellers, with a greater concentration in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Goiás, and Mato Grosso, and it also exports to Paraguay.